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No matter where you are in your digital journey,
upgrade your wholesale sales with HATCH.  

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Working with JOOR?

If you already use JOOR and are looking to take your wholesale experience to the next level, good news: we have an exclusive partnership with JOOR!

As part of this partnership you can benefit from:

  • Discount on HATCH's subscription.
  • Seamless experience between apps.
  • Built-in integration between apps.


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What's included in HATCH?

in-showroom & remote

HATCH works on laptops, iPads and touch devices with internet connection, even for remote sales meetings.

Assortment builder

Powerful editing tool to create professional-looking proposals using your marketing and collection content. 

built-in video CALLS

Integrated video conferencing to see your customers while presenting your collection. No app switching needed!

high resolution streaming

Show collections in full resolution no matter where you are. Move away from the limitations of sharing your screen!

automatic data updates

Each time data is updated, HATCH updates all proposals automatically so sales teams don't have to do it. 


Always show the collection your customer can buy. Changed customer? Catalog will change automatically too!

integrated marketing

Your marketing content lives side-by-side your collection to help you upsell your collection at every step of the way.

Full export capabilities

The right export for each customer, from draft orders in excel to visual pdfs with your proposal - in high resolution!

Loved by some of the world's most iconic brands